Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome Silvestre ^_^

It has been 34 years since Brian Kidd moved to Arsenal from their rival Man United :D and now Ferguson has agreed to sell Silvestre to Arsenal

So what would we have here.. an experienced centre back who could also play as a left back. A good addition for Arsenal defence who is "not so good" at several occasion :P (remember 4-2 defeat against Liverpool at last ECL ?). As Clichy is in good form recently so I think Silvestre would be often deployed at centre back to support Gallas-Toure duo.. or in other word to subtitute if one of them gives too many permission for the opposing striker to test Almunia :P

One more thing, how Old Trafford public will greet their ex player :d whether they will do in a friendly way or unfriendly way? :P


uSmaN said...

numpang nge junk kk,
ampun kk...

Metallurgistguy said...

aya2 wae :P