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Anwar Ibrahim- The Battle of Permatang Pauh and Road to Putrajaya

After a busy day, nothing would be better than writing something about Malaysian politic :D

Anyway...I`m aware that I just a foreigner in this country or alien in other word (but of course a legal alien :O) nevertheless it doesn`t stop me to follow and sometimes analyze political situation in Malaysia. Although it is just analysis from an amateur in politics :p

There is no doubt that The result of Malaysia 2008 General election surprised many people, particularly the incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN) after they had been denied into just simple majority in Parliament and lost five states to the opposition. Regardless of this shock, they still rule the country. The question is, until when....?? Especially if Anwar factor is being considered

After his 5 years quarantine from politic prevent him to contest in March 2008 election, it was apparent that Anwar has prepared Plan B, which is called "by-election" or "pilihan raya kecil". In
Malaysia, by-election must be held if a state assembly member or parliament member vacant his/her seat. There is no "pergantian antar waktu" or PAW in Malaysia :D .
FYI, in Indonesia, PAW allows the winner political party in an area to substitute his member of parliament or member of state assembly directly without an election. I`m sure Anwar will prefer this way :p

Permatang Pauh has been considered as Anwar`s stronghold. He has been elected there since 1982. Furthermore, it is was his wife, Wan Azizah, who replaced him after he had been temporary banned from politic and she repeatedly announced that she would vacant her seat for his husband. So if Anwar want to stage a political comeback, it is very logic to say that Permatang Pauh will be his fastest and safest way. But Permatang Pauh is not the ultimate target of Anwar Ibrahim. He is targeting the bigger fish in Putrajaya :D He is not making secret of his intention and even announced that at September 16th, parliament members from Sabah and Sarawak will cross to his side and cause the current government to lose their majority in Parliament. In other word Anwar Ibrahim will become PM.... of course if anything run according his plan.. Is it ?

Then surprise came at the right time in form of new sodomy allegation :o Whether it is kind of "BN conspiracy" or not, the allegation surely become obstacle for him. But Anwar took the risk by letting (or instructing ??) Wan Azizah to resign her seat at July 31st. Furthermore the election commission has also set the election date at August 26th.

The next question is.. who will be Anwar`s opponent?? By the time this article is made, there is no official anouncement from BN. Is it -ex aide turned enemy- Ezam Mohd Nur ? or Datuk Firdaus Ismail who was defeated by Wan Azizah in 2008? or perhaps BN will boycott the by-election and Anwar will win uncontested as suggested by Tan Sri Annuar Musa ?

Anyway...Just my imagination...if everything is according to Anwar`s plan, will Indo-Malay relation will be better ? Could be... if Anwar keep his promise which he has said before at Kick Andy Show :D I quote this from Kick Andy website

Anwar yang sewaktu muda dulu pernah belajar di Indonesia mengaku memiliki hubungan emosional dengan Indonesia. Teman-temannya juga banyak. Antara lain Fahmi Idris, Adi Sasono, Amin Rais, Adnan Buyung Nasution, Taufiq Ismail, dan Rendra. “Itu sebabnya saya dibenci karena dianggap lebih pro Indonesia. Saya dituduh tidak nasionalis karena sering membela kepentingan Indonesia,” ujarnya. Salah satu yang paling sering dia kritik adalah perlakuan Malaysia terhadap tenaga kerja Indonesia. “Saya sering protes atas perlakukan terhadap TKI. Sering terjadi penyiksaan. Saya tidak ada urusan dengan nasionalisme. Saya melihat persoalan ini dari kacamata kemanusiaan,” dia menegaskan. Kondisi tersebut, menurut pria yang selalu tampil rapih ini, belakangan semakin menjadi-jadi. “Ini yang selalu saya kritisi. Sebab kalau pejabat tinggi seperti saya saja dipukuli, apalagi TKI,” ujarnya masgul. Karena itu, dia bertekad untuk memperbaiki keadaan dengan mencalonkan dirinya dalam pemilihan perdana menteri mendatang

Well... let`s wait and see ;)

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