Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Story of Our Stories

Most of us (or should I say everyone?) love stories. Our early years begin with stories told by our parent, grandparents, other relatives, story tellers, cartoons on TV, etc. We also practice our A,B,C mainly by reading simple stories and not books about management or phase transformation in metals :P And finally as we grow up and understand life better, we renew our interest in stories by acknowledging that we are indeed hold a leading role in a story. The story of our life.

What kind of story do you have?

Is it full of happiness as in fairy tales or full of misery and tragedy as in Hamlet? Is it interesting, full of twists and turns as in The Usual Suspect or boring as life in Island of Utopia? Is it full of glory and triumph as in biography of Khalid ibn Walid or heroic but tragic as in biography of Michael Collins ? (the Irish patriot of course, not the astronaut :D). Is it as predictable as the big four in English Premier League or is it as unpredictable as the big four in Indonesian Premier League? :))

One for sure, it is unique. Your story is different from the rest of the world. Why? Because you are the main actor and as an entity, you are different from the others. That uniqueness make some of us lucky enough to have their story published in a "based on a true story" movies or novels and make a good amount of fortune from that :D

A well-known proverb said that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. That greedy side of human being is the reason why some of us wish to have other person`s story that appears better than ours. The question is, will it suits us? will we be happy in our new story as we expected? Nobody can guarantee that.

On the other hand, there are people who always complaining about their stories. They tell everyone as if they are the most unfortunate creature in the universe. Well.. I should say they are right, as long as they think so about themselves. But the truth is, If one of this "miserable creature" could see this sentence, they are actually part of 23.52 % of world population that is so fortunate to enjoy the benefit of internet connection. Furthermore, I would say to this creature to open their eyes and see other benefits that they have taken for granted all this time. Hence hopefully they will think that their stories aren`t that bad. Hopefully.... :D Anyway, if they choose to remain eternally miserable, it`s not a problem for me. It is their stories after all :P

For me, if someone asks me about my story, I will answer that it is indeed a great story! :)

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